Students loved the rates they received through the negotiation process.

"Thanks a lot for doing this!! For me, it made a huge difference from 8-9% to 5-6%."

"Thanks! Beat my Sallie Mae by 0.5% but doesn't require monthly payments."

"Thanks all just secured my loan for 5.5% beating commonbond by an entire 1%. Thanks."

"It was really easy to apply and see the rates, and they were lower than what I got from other lenders that approved me (not all lenders approved as they seemed to be seeking proof of income, and I'm a full time student without one."

"Fantastic idea. Wish my wife had it for law school"

"It was on the better end of what I was expecting"

"Way better than anything I could find"

"I think the rate it great."

"Very pleased"

"It was good. I would do it for my next loan, especially if I knew about it sooner."

"It’s great"


"Best among the ones I looked at"

"very reasonable and attractive!"

"The negotiated interested rate was so much better than the rates offered by other lenders."

"It was great! I was able to get a cheaper private loan compared to the federal loans I would have had to utilize instead."

"Much better than alternatives"

"superb! This was by far the best rate I received. The process was very simple and I would do it next year 100%"

"Best offer I received"

"I liked that the offer did not contain any costs for early payment and was offered through a simple online layout."

"It was the most competitive offer I recieved"

"The idea that students at top MBA programs could negotiate a collective or lower rate for loans than they could otherwise obtain on their own."

"Bargaining power"

"Not having to do any work to get a great rate"

"Low interest rate, easy communication"

"Actively moderated Facebook group addressing questions"

"Quick, relatively little paperwork, much better rate than I was offered anywhere else"

"It was easy to request and complete loan materials online"

"Rate reductions for six figure salary"

"Being able to collectively bargain given our unique school status / rank"

"-Regular communication to keep us updated was very helpful -Low rate!"

"The Facebook group was great to pull together students from all the MBA programs. Great effort by the team there."

"I liked that I was being represented by a student who certainly had our best interests at heart, and that the company cared about working with the students to secure a great rate."

"Communication was very transparent"

"I liked it was a student initiative that helped promote the loan. I liked that my financial aid office was familiar with the partnership."

Students would recommend us to their peers

"Sure, since the group dynamic seems to have brought down the rates."

"Yes, this was by far the best rate that I saw anywhere."

"Absolutely - it was the lowest interest rate significantly (even with a co-signer), and the application was quick, transparent, and straightforward."

"Yes because the rate was the most favorable"

"Totally, best rates"

"Yes, you guys were fast with communications and took a huge burden off my plate"

"yes, outstanding rates."

"Yes, definitely. I was a no brainer for anybody"

"Yes. The process was easy and it saved me thousands of dollars because of the better interest rate."

All reviews and data shown are based on responses to a survey completed in Fall 2018 and posts in the LeverEdge Members Facebook Group.

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