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Born out of the Harvard Innovation Lab, our initiative has already saved families more than 26 million dollars. You can learn more about our founders' story here.

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"saving each student around $8,300 on their combined $25 million debt"

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Why Refinance?

Refinancing your student loan could lower your interest rate.

When you graduate and get a job, lenders believe you are more likely to pay back your loan. As a result, you can refinance all your previous student loans at a new, lower rate.

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The deal I was offered blew all of my other options completely out of the water, and is saving me thousands of dollars

I initially went with SunTrust ... I sadly got a 6.7 rate ... I just got my order from LeverEdge and it's 4.475!

I've applied for over 20 loans last year, and this one gave me the best interest rate and flexibility on repayment terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions
We are a collective bargaining organization. As a result, we gather groups of people together in order to get a ‘bulk discount’ on loans. 

LeverEdge aims to negotiate a loan offer that is better than anything available to you outside the group. We don't charge students any fees. Further, joining the negotiation group does not obligate you to take the loan we negotiate on your behalf. That’s why thousands of students have already joined our initiative. 
It basically refers to renegotiating the terms of your original student loan. When you first take out a loan, the interest rate is set on a variety of factors including your ‘riskiness’ – the likelihood you’ll pay it back. Once you have a steady income, your ‘risk’ is reduced and lenders are more willing to give you a better deal. 
Folks who have private or federal student loans and have either already graduated or are in the last semester of school. 

Note that federal loans do carry benefits that private loans may not offer. For example, public service forgiveness and economic hardship programs may not be accessible to you after you refinance your federal loans. For most, however, refinancing for a lower interest rate long-term outweighs those benefits.
Yes, international students are eligible to join the negotiation group. Note that there are fewer lenders that lend to international students. As a result, our ability to negotiate with these lenders may be limited.
Yes, we ask lenders to offer refinancing for both federal and private student loans. Note that refinancing federal student loans with a private loan may result in loss of options such as income-driven repayment plans, loan deferment options, loan forgiveness options and discharge upon death or permanent disability.
Most lenders will require proof of employment, such as an offer letter or pay stub. Part of the reason you’re able to reduce the loan interest rate through refinancing is due to the fact that you have a steady income, which lenders look for before adjusting your payments. 
We ask lenders to offer both fixed and variable rate options. Therefore, it is likely that both options will be available to you. During our last student survey, a majority of students expressed interest in fixed rate loans. Therefore, if we are forced to choose between the two options, we will ensure that a fixed rate option is made available.
We ask lenders to offer several repayment term options including at least a 5 year term and 10 year term. Some lenders may choose to offer additional options such as a 7 year term. Therefore, it is likely that several options will be available to you including a 5 year repayment term and 10 year repayment term.
We begin our negotiation process in April and usually continue until May, when we expect to release our refinancing deal. We will update you on the status of our negotiations twice a month so you’re kept in the loop! 
We charge lenders a percentage of the volume we drive. This is set at the beginning of the process, so offering us more money doesn’t change the lender we choose. The only way to win the auction is to offer the lowest rates to our members. 
In March, the US federal government enacted policies that pause payments and accrual of interest for some folks. Your federal loan servicer will be in touch if you are eligible for this temporary student loan relief. If that is the case for you, consider delaying refinancing until the fall to maximize savings. Under the current policy, payments and interest will resume in October 2020, after which you can refinance for a lower interest rate. You should still sign up for our group so that you have the option to refinance then at our low rates.

With regards to interest rates in general, we expect them to fall to record lows in the near future, and are optimistic about our upcoming refinancing deal. 

You can read our official update regarding COVID-19 here.

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