Our Track Record

Our members have saved over $26M in cumulative interest and fees.

How We Calculate Member Savings

We estimate member savings based on information we have about our members and the deal we have negotiated for those members. For example, for our 2019 pool of graduate students, we know the following about our members.

  • Average of Loan Amount: $62K
  • Median of FICO Range: 740 to 760
  • Mode of Term of Loan: 10 years
  • Mode of Repayment Plan: Fully Deferred

Based on self-reported information by students and our knowledge of the deal negotiated, we can estimate average savings per typical member over the life of the loan to be between $12,680 and $13,476.

We’ve helped thousands of students across dozens of universities secure over $100M in financing.

LeverEdge is a team-effort. We couldn't do it without you.

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Students loved the rates they received through the negotiation process.

The deal I was offered blew all of my other options completely out of the water, and is saving me thousands of dollars

I initially went with SunTrust ... I sadly got a 6.7 rate ... I just got my order from LeverEdge and it's 4.475!

I've applied for over 20 loans last year, and this one gave me the best interest rate and flexibility on repayment terms.