Our Track Record

Last Fall, the LeverEdge team helped 400+ students get loans totaling over $25M at low interest rates. Students saved more than $3.3M compared to federal options.

The average student saved over $8,000 compared to the federal rate.

Assumptions based on survey of students:

  • Average loan amount: $60k.
  • Negotiated Fixed Rate received by median applicant: 5.25%.
  • Term selected: 10 years.
  • Repayment plan selected: fully deferred repayment plan.

How It Unraveled

  • Students Joined the Negotiation Group

    The LeverEdge team reached out to their network to find students to spread the word at top MBA schools around the country. Students joined the negotiation group, told their friends about it and increased the size of the group to 700+ members.

  • Lenders Competed

    The LeverEdge team kept banks informed about the ballooning size of the group and ultimately asked them to compete for an exclusive recommendation. Laurel Road was selected and their offer was shared with students.

  • Students got Low-Interest Rate Loans

    Students took advantage of the negotiated deal to get low-interest loans for Fall 2018 and even Spring 2019 semesters. For amounts greater than $20,500, many students were considering the federal option that charged 7.6% interest and a 4%+ origination fee. Instead, they got a loan between 5% and 6% without any origination fee.

2 out of 5 incoming students at Berkeley Haas took the loan we negotiated!


Students loved the rates they received through the negotiation process.

The deal I was offered blew all of my other options completely out of the water, and is saving me thousands of dollars

I initially went with SunTrust ... I sadly got a 6.7 rate ... I just got my order from LeverEdge and it's 4.475!

I've applied for over 20 loans last year, and this one gave me the best interest rate and flexibility on repayment terms.

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