Due to COVID-19, Signup Deadline Waived

We normally have a signup deadline for students to join LeverEdge. We’re changing that today. Due to Covid-19, many schools have pushed back application deadlines and several have added new rounds of admission.

Our mission is to help all students access the cheapest form of funding available, no matter when you apply. For the remainder of 2020, all students will be able to access the deals we negotiate, regardless of when you sign up.

How are we able to waive the signup deadline?

As you may know, we need to grow a large pool before we get lenders to compete for your business. Fortunately, we already have enough demand from students to start negotiating with lenders.

What should you expect for your student loan needs?

  1. If you need a student loan for fall semester (Aug-Oct start dates), we will have a negotiated loan option available in early June, well ahead of our timing last year
  2. If you’d like to refinance your student loans, we will likewise have a great deal for you in the next 1-2 months

On a more personal note, along with all members of the class of 2020, our MBA program has come to a bit of a jarring and sudden end. The measures were necessary for the greater good, but we mpathize deeply with all student and alumni communities coming together right now.

As you continue your educational journey, I hope you are surrounded by friends and community that are helping you as much as ours have helped us. We’ll continue to operate LeverEdge remotely and do whatever we can to serve you. If you have any questions, about anything, please never hesitate to reach out.

Chris & Nikhil,
Founders, LeverEdge