LeverEdge negotiates the best student loan rates using collective bargaining. Read the story of one of our members below.

Matt Kilby spent four years on a U.S. Navy submarine but figuring out how to pay for school was even more daunting.

This is a common concern for many of our members who worry about the rising cost of higher education and the long-term cost of using a high interest loan to cover it.

It’s a challenging task, said Matt. “Navigating the student loan process is stressful, and it kind of seems like you’re barely sticking your head out of water but LeverEdge alleviates that pain.”

LeverEdge threw Matt a proverbial lifesaver in 2019 when he was navigating the complexities of student loan options. He applied to Navy Federal as well as a few banks hoping for a better rate than the federal graduate loan, but when he found out his rates he started to worry.

Meanwhile, one of his friends in the Navy had stumbled across LeverEdge and encouraged Matt to look into it. To Matt, “LeverEdge just seemed too good to be true.”

Despite his initial hesitation, he figured that there would be no harm in signing up with his email and basic information. After all, LeverEdge simply provides the option to take their negotiated loan so there was nothing to lose.

Matt was further comforted by his conversations with the team. Co-founder Nikhil’s responsiveness bolstered Matt’s confidence. “I remember just emailing Nikhil out of the blue and getting a response the same day,” Matt said. “He even stepped out of a wedding to call me at one point.”

After taking LeverEdge’s negotiated deal, Matt began to share with all of his friends because he “didn’t want them to get ripped off, or have these insane student loans for five, seven, ten years down the road.”

Now, Matt continues to spread the word about LeverEdge. “I think that the more people learn about it, the more students that are gonna sign up,” he said. “This is the way to go for student loans and this is the future.”