Student-First Initiative for Lower Rates on Student Loans.

Our story

LeverEdge’s founders, Nikhil Agarwal and Chris Abkarians were admitted to Harvard and then the dreaded tuition bill came. That summer, instead of taking expensive loans, they got 700 students from 10 schools together and negotiated lower rates for the entire group, saving their classmates ~$15K each.
LeverEdge came into existence from their desire to make this benefit available to all future generations of students. Today, LeverEdge is able to get the lowest rate student loans for thousands.

Key Metrics

LeverEdge has grown to over 10,300 Members.
We’ve helped thousands of students across dozens of universities secure over $100M in financing.
Since launch, borrowers have saved over $26M.
9 out of 10 members hear about us from a friend.

Our Core Values


LeverEdge commits to acting with the best interests of our members at all times.


We are transparent and forthcoming with the good or bad news with our members.

Deliver Results

We work hard to ensure our members know about all of their options.