The 1st Collective Bargaining Group for Student Loans

The 1st Collective Bargaining Group for Student Loans

Lower Rates than you could get on your own.

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"saving each student around $8,300 on their combined $25 million debt"

"No one has seen an approach exactly like LeverEdge’s."

"Two HBS admits took a look at interest rates... Then they got organized."

"Together, students can force lenders to compete."

Graduate Student Loans

Join 2,000+ graduate students using a negotiated loan to pay for school.

Student Loan Refinancing

Get the negotiated rates: 0.25% lower than Earnest's regular rates.

Stay Informed

For anyone who is interested in future loan deals or is not ready to apply

Why LeverEdge

Lower rates

We bring a large amount of business to lenders and in return they offer lower interest rates for our members.

Learn how the negotiation process works.

Completely free to use

There are no fees for using our negotiated rates. Now that you're here, you have access.

Vetted Lenders

Beyond rates, we evaluate a lender's customer service and ease of application when selecting a lender.

We’ve got your back

We’re here to answer any questions along the way and ensure members receive rates and terms that are in line with expectations.

Email us if you have any questions.


Learn how we used group buying power to negotiate better student loans.


Students from top tier programs sign up to LeverEdge by providing essential information.



Banks submit their best bids including exclusive offers for LeverEdge members.



The LeverEdge team compares all offers, negotiates terms, and selects a winner.



Members get exclusive access to the LeverEdge deal, including substantial rate discounts.

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Students loved the rates they received through the negotiation process.

The deal I was offered blew all of my other options completely out of the water, and is saving me thousands of dollars

I initially went with SunTrust ... I sadly got a 6.7 rate ... I just got my order from LeverEdge and it's 4.475!

I've applied for over 20 loans last year, and this one gave me the best interest rate and flexibility on repayment terms.

Our Track Record

Last Fall, the LeverEdge team helped 400+ students get loans totaling over $25M at low interest rates. Students saved more than $3.3M compared to federal options.

The average students saved $8,334 compared to the federal grad plus loan option.

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